Moonwake is the reflection of the moon on a body of water.

Living the Moonwake life is about deepening our connection to our environment to deepen our connection to self. The moon is deeply connected to yoga, astrology, body-mind healing, emotional health, Tarot, Aromatherapy, and the rhythm of the Earth.

The Heron: For me, the heron represents my mother, who we lost to Alzheimer's in 2018. Traditionally they also symbolize wisdom, stillness and tranquility and how those two things are needed to recognize opportunities, determination, and a sense of independence. Did you know that on the darkside of the moon there’s a crater called the heron in the moon

Moon: Wisdom, Heart Chakra, Love, Light, Darkness, Divine Feminine, Rhythm, Flow

Water: Emotions, Life, Flow, Wisdom, Mystery, Magic, Inspiration, Exploration, Purity, Refresh

Infinity Symbol (the connected O's): The phases of the moon symbolize immortality and eternity, enlightenment or the darkside of Nature herself. The infinity symbol can be spotted on a number of Tarot cards.

Katie Shanley, Founder & Instructor


My journey, as with many yogis, was not a straightforward path. But, since discovering yoga over a decade ago, it's been there for me like a loyal friend. Tough, loving, and forgiving. I am a forever student and I'm so grateful to be able to share my practice. Through yoga and holistic health coaching, I'm able to help people get in better touch with their bodies, their thoughts, and their hearts. In my teaching, I focus on fostering and inviting love and compassion into our practice both on and off the mat. My classes are alignment and strength focused, encouraging empowerment and playfulness. Learn more about me here.



The Moon Connects

Moonwake will offer support and teachings on all of the following

Yoga: The moon creates different energetic experiences, whether we are consciously aware of this or not. Hatha yoga is often translated to ha (sun) tha (moon) and its practice is about the balance of the masculine and feminine energy that exists within us. Full moon energy corresponds to the end of an inhale and the new moon to the end of an exhale.

Astrology: When you think of your astrological sign, you likely think of your sun sign. But, our moon sign and our rising sign are also of great importance. Our moon sign rules our emotions, moods, and feelings. Your moon sign reflects the version of your personality when you’re totally in your element and most comfortable. You could say you are a reflection of the moon.

Body-Mind: There are a lot of ways the moon could be connected to our body and mind, but a primary way is that the moon spends 2 ½ days in each astrological sign. This comes with different energies, which can be useful to be tuned into in times of self reflection and healing. Each astrological sign has a corresponding part of the body and system that it rules as well.

Tarot: Every phase of the moon has a Major Arcana card connected with it and there's also a Moon card in the Tarot. The Moon card in Tarot is about bringing to light and facing our fears, guided by intuition.

Aromatherapy: Making aromatherapy blends is all about the energy you put into it, just like cooking. Full moons are particularly great for manifestation. The moon’s energy paired with your intuition make for magical blends and healing rituals.

Feminine power: The moon is powerful feminine energy. We all have masculine and feminine energy and our modern society tends to push us to primarily use our masculine power - determination, strength, fire, leadership (all sound great, right?) - but without proper balance, we are headed for burn out. 

Trauma: When we experience trauma, it can be a very out-of-body experience. Through the aforementioned healing practices, we can work to create resources to help us get through triggering experiences and everyday life. We can reconnect to our body and become more present.


Moonwake is a place for growth and community.